Dr. Nevins has over 20 years of clinical experience and specializes in treating gum recession in the least invasive ways possible while achieving results that will last a lifetime. He utilizes micro-surgical techniques with novel approaches for gum grafting procedures. By combining growth factors with treatments maximum results with faster more comfortable healing can be achieved. Dr. Nevins will determine which soft tissue grafting procedure will work best for you including the use of soft tissue graft alternatives (such as Alloderm™) combined with growth factors. He will provide a personalized evaluation of your needs and select options that result in the most esthetic and longest lasting outcomes possible.

You may be experiencing sensitivity to hot, cold, sweet, and spicy foods and beverages, making eating and drinking unpleasant for you and brushing and flossing painful. This continued discomfort is often a clue that you are experiencing excessive gum recession. Often these symptoms improve after gum grafting procedures.