Patients requiring restorations too large to fill will benefit from the placement of crowns. Patients with missing teeth, who are not eligible for implants or who would prefer not to get them, can choose a tooth-supported bridge instead. We can diagnose whatever condition you might have, and help you determine the best course of treatment.

This depends a great deal on the initial health of the underlying tooth, patient hygiene, and the general dental condition. Outcomes vary depending on the individual: hygiene and biological factors can affect decay, and trauma can damage restorations. Despite this, a well-done crown, bridge, or filling will often last for more than 10 years.
No, once the color is selected, the color will not change. You can polish some stains from porcelain, but you can’t use chemicals to change the color. If a patient wants to whiten their teeth, we recommend they do it before selecting their shade of porcelain. We can always match the porcelain to the rest of your teeth before installing a restoration.