About Sedation Dentistry

If you’re feeling a bit uneasy about receiving the dental treatment you need, no worries! We can offer you intravenous (IV) conscious sedation for your procedure here at Nevins Dental Center. We also have options for general anesthesia.

This extremely effective and reliable form of sedation will put you into a state of deep relaxation. Time will appear to pass quickly, and your treatment will be over before you know it. You’ll be able to respond to requests and instructions as needed, allowing treatment to progress as it would normally.

Only licensed practices can provide IV conscious sedation. The team at Nevins Dental Center is proud to offer this service and is committed to making you as comfortable as possible during your treatment.

Sedation dentistry isn’t only for patients who are nervous about dental procedures. Sedation dentistry will help you if have difficulty controlling your gag reflex, experience pain because of sensitive teeth, or do not respond well to numbing medications. Sedation dentistry also allows you to receive several dental procedures in just one appointment.

Please reach out to our office for any further questions

If you are a candidate for IV conscious sedation, an anesthesiologist from Concierge Anesthesia, a nationally recognized leader in patient safety, will administer and monitor your sedation.

We will discuss all available sedation and pain control options with you. Together, we’ll determine the best course for your individual case based on your health and medical history.

Dr. Nevins did a thorough review of my medical history and then gave me an exam.
We were able to define a first step that made sense. He also put to rest some of the fears that had been caused by the first provider.


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