About Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Also known as smile rehabilitation, Dr. Amini-Salari and the multi-specialty team at Nevins Dental Center can provide you with comprehensive care that will transform your smile. With this approach to treatment, we can correct a variety of issues that negatively impact your quality of life, including bone loss, broken or missing teeth, and jaw misalignment.

Once we’ve completed your full-mouth reconstruction, you’ll not only have a beautiful new smile that you’ll love to show off, you’ll also have better function, enabling you to bite and chew without pain and to speak with confidence. We can provide this treatment with minimal discomfort and disruption to your life, giving you the smile you’ve always wanted in what will seem like no time at all.

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You can benefit from full mouth reconstruction if you have multiple missing teeth, teeth with large fillings that are experiencing failure or decay, cracked or broken teeth, or badly worn teeth. Dr. Amini-Salari and the team at Nevins Dental Center can develop a comprehensive treatment plan specific to your situation, giving you a final result that improves both the function of your mouth and the appearance of your smile.

The team might recommend a variety of treatments, including implants, veneers, bridges, crowns, inlays, onlays and dentures. Regardless of which options work best for you, your smile makeover will significantly improve your quality of life.

Treatment length varies with each individual case, but you can expect to start enjoying your new smile in a few weeks or months. Dr. Amini-Salari will go over treatment with you and what to expect during your smile makeover journey.

Dr. Nevins did a thorough review of my medical history and then gave me an exam.
We were able to define a first step that made sense. He also put to rest some of the fears that had been caused by the first provider.


At Nevins Dental Center, our doctors and team members strive to not only transform our patients’ oral health, but their lives as well. Watch the video testimonials to hear from the patients themselves about the treatment journeys they’ve taken with our ongoing support and guidance. If you’d like to schedule your own appointment contact us today.

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