About Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are molars located in the back of your mouth. For most patients, they begin to erupt in their late teens or early 20s.  Sometimes, these teeth become impacted, which means there isn’t enough room for them to erupt. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause gum swelling and severe pain, which is why they should be removed by Dr. Amini-Salari as soon as possible.

Your wisdom teeth will be expertly removed under Dr. Amini-Salari care. She will consult with you to determine the best sedation option for you and provide a precision medicine approach. You will know you are in trusted hands with Dr. Amini-Salari.

Impacted wisdom teeth are also difficult to clean, making you more susceptible to tooth decay, recurring infections and gum disease. If Dr. Amini-Salari recommends removing impacted wisdom teeth, you should schedule the procedure right away.

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Pain and gum swelling are signs you might need your wisdom teeth removed. Dr. Amini-Salari will take a panoramic x-ray to determine if surgery is necessary. If she recommends removal, she’ll go over your case with you so you know exactly what to expect before, during and after surgery.

Dr. Amini-Salari will first numb the area around the tooth with a local anesthetic. If you’re nervous about the procedure, she also can use IV sedation to help you relax. Because the impacted tooth might still be under your gums and embedded in your jawbone, Dr. Amini-Salari will need to take out a portion of the covering bone to extract your tooth. To minimize the amount of bone removed, she’ll likely section the tooth and take out each piece through a small opening in the bone.

Healing time varies depending on the difficulty of your extraction. Dr. Amini-Salari will provide post-surgery instructions to ensure your healing time is as short as possible.

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