#1 – What to look for upon shopping for a toothbrush?

There are many toothbrush options to choose from, so buying a brush that fits your needs is important if you want a healthy smile. Our most common recommendation at Nevins Dental Center is to purchase a soft-bristled toothbrush. This helps limit trauma to the gingival tissue that medium or hard-bristled toothbrushes can cause. Individuals also have the option of purchasing electric versus manual toothbrushes. Research has proven that electric toothbrushes remove plaque/tartar more efficiently than manual toothbrushes, making them a great investment for one’s overall dental health. Regardless of choice, each toothbrush has its own set of instructions, which can be thoroughly reviewed during dental hygiene appointments.

#2 How often should I replace my toothbrush or toothbrush head?

The bristles of toothbrushes wear down and soften after long-term use. Prolonging the use of our toothbrushes/toothbrush heads can lead to rougher brushing and dental complications such as periodontal disease. Therefore, replacing your ‘soft bristled’ manual and/or electric toothbrush heads every 3-4 months (unless instructed otherwise by your dental provider) is important. Our hygienists at Nevins Dental Center recommend that patients replace toothbrushes after every routine dental hygiene appointment. Doing this will help reduce plaque/tartar buildup, maintain healthy gingival tissue, decrease bacteria buildup on your toothbrushes and maintain proper oral hygiene.

#3 What can happen if I do not replace my toothbrush regularly?

Neglecting to replace your toothbrush or toothbrush head regularly can result in an ineffective home care routine. Bristles wear down and will not effectively remove plaque/tartar after 3-4 months. An increased buildup of plaque/tartar can lead to bleeding and inflammation of the gingival tissue, known as gingivitis. Continuing to overuse a toothbrush can also result in deeper probing depths (pockets around each tooth), the recession of gingival tissue and periodontitis.

Anytime you have any questions or concerns about shopping for dental products, please do not hesitate to ask your dental hygienist for assistance. We are always ready to help!

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