Laser Periodontal Treatment, LANAP™

This noninvasive laser therapy is one of the most revolutionary developments in periodontology. Laser therapy gives you a virtually painless alternative to many traditional surgical procedures associated with periodontal and implant medicine. Dr. Nevins is proud to offer you this treatment, and to lead the way in pioneering the technology.

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The main goal of laser therapy is to stimulate regeneration of your connective tissue and the bone between your gums and your teeth. LANAP™ is also an excellent option if you want to improve the esthetics of your gum-line with treatments like cosmetic crown lengthening and tissue re-contouring. Other benefits include less painful treatment without cutting or stitches, less risk of infection, shorter appointment times, and a fast, easy recovery.

Before treatment, you will be given a local anesthetic to eliminate any possible discomfort. A tiny laser fiber, with a thickness of about three hairs, will be inserted between your teeth and gums during the procedure. This will clear away infection, reduce inflammation and trigger an immediate healing response in your tissue.

You’ll most likely feel well enough to return to work right after treatment is complete. If necessary, Dr. Nevins will prescribe an oral antibiotic to protect against infection. It’s best to stick to a soft diet for a day or two after treatment, but most patients report eating anything they want without any pain. Best of all, your recovery time will likely be less than 24 hours.

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